Genital Warts How Effective Are Treatments For Genital Warts?

How effective are treatments for genital warts? - genital warts

I can hear that the doctor begin to provide you with an ointment on the warts? How effective is the cream?

Do I get some antibiotics if my body to fight against the virus?

What are the alternatives? Gynecological Surgery may well do in his office, or genital warts is a lengthy and intrusive?


drankurb... said...

very effective

Peak P said...

There are many possibilities for an effective treatment against genital warts, but some of them to act faster than others.

For example, a document that the warts with liquid nitrogen or burning them to freeze off with lasers.

You can also prescribe Aldara cream or podofilox cream or another.

And if you wish, you can treat genital warts with other natural resources such as castor oil or tea tree oil.

Mike M said...

You do not need antibiotics. There are certain homeopathic treatments you can try without risk, since ...
Even if your problem is serious and not seek homeopathic treatment - a doctor!

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